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The Zither Way

The Zither Team Tony and Debbie

Have a dream. Set goals. Create a plan. Then strive everyday to make it happen. This is what we do at Zither Music Company in Brenham, TX.

Our dream is to change the music world by getting instruments out of cases and into homes, studios, and practice spaces. There the instrument becomes a part of every day.

It ceases to be a chore or a relic in a dusty old case. Instead, the instrument takes up its rightful place as a beautiful addition to our lives. Ready to be played, ready to be practiced.

Not only is your instrument beautiful in the way that it sounds, but it is beautiful in the way that it looks. Its presence in a room is magnifying. So why do we tuck them away and out of sight? We are working to bring your instruments out into the limelight. 

All of us at Zither feel like we have been given a unique opportunity to be a part of this team. We are constantly striving to become better craftsmen, better leaders, and better learners in order to bring the wonderful gift of music to the world in any environment.

These stands aren’t just a product, they aren’t just a place to put your gear down. These stands are a statement that says “I love my instrument, and I love to play it, and look how darn beautiful it is.”

Zither Music Company was created by Tony Meeks in 2008. Today, Tony and his wife Debbie own and operate Zither Music Company with a skilled and dedicated team. We really do believe that we can accomplish our goal of changing the music world, and we work everyday to become the best people and the best company that we can be.

If you love your instrument and you love to play it, then we believe you’ll appreciate our work. Next time you’re around Brenham, stop by and check out the shop. Otherwise, give Tony a call anytime at 979-820-7010.

We are always excited to hear from you.  

“We Build People.”